Wheelers' membership

Wheelers' Membership

We always welcome new members! If you are considering joining us then please look at the Wheelers' Membership FAQ then fill in our enquiry form and we will get in touch with you either by email or by phone. There is also a Facebook group which is open to members and prospective members. You can join this and participate in discussions. Please note that individual members must be 18 or over. However, younger members are welcome as part of Family Membership. In such cases a parent or guardian must sign a consent form stating "I accept full responsibility for any family members under 18 years of age whilst taking part in Club activities and accept that neither the Club nor its members can undertake any supervision or responsibility for them."

Annual Fees

Since most of our activities were lost due to the coronavirus pandemic we have decided to waive fees for existing members this year. 

Fees for new members are:

Adult membership (over 18) including 2nd claim £20.00
Family membership (Two partners plus all their children who are under 18) £30.00
Age concession (18 to 21 or over 60) £12.50
Full-time student membership (22 to 59) £12.50

[It is always open to any member entitled to the £12.50 rate to pay the full Senior rate of £20.00 as a donation to the Club!]

Membership fees are due on 1st January each year. Subscriptions for new members joining after after 31st August will cover the period to 31st December of the following year.