You and your bike


  • Drinks bottles and food or energy bars are essential on most rides.

  • It is recommended to have eyewear, track mitts or gloves, a mobile phone, and some cash for refreshments.

  • It is recommended you wear a helmet.

  • Check the weather before you set out and bring lights, and wear or bring high visibility and waterproof clothing as appropriate.

  • Carry emergency contact details and consider how you would get home in an emergency.

Your bike

Try to be self-sufficient and to ensure that their bike is in a well-maintained condition.

  • It is recommended to have a pump, tyre levers, spare inner tube, puncture repair kit and to be able to deal with punctures and minor repairs while out on rides.

  • You may also consider bringing a chain tool, Allen keys, a spoke key, plasters and a bandage.

  • Check your bike before you set out, paying particular attention to brakes, wheels and tyres, the chain, steering and gears.

  • Mudguards are recommended in wet weather for your benefit and for the benefit of those riding behind you.

  • Tyres with a sensible level of puncture protection should be used. Frequent punctures spoil the ride for the whole group.