Club runs archive 2011-12

Final Scores 28th October

END OF SEASON TABLE AND SCORES New league starts on Sunday End of season stats. Tony and Miles have done the most fast rides at 8 each Kevin and John F did 29 medium rides Bob B did 36 easy rides and Mike did 35 easy rides Peter W has ridden 27 medium rides, 12 easy rides and 1 fast ride And since joining the club this summer, Karl has barely missed a Sunday club ride.  Good effort!  (see the picture at the bottom)

  1. Over 90 people have taken part in a club run of some sort.
  2. Over 70 have come back at least one more time
  3. Nearly 50 members have done at least 5 club rides
  4. 29 members have done 10 or more club rides
  5. 17 members have done 20 or more club rides
  6. 7 members rode 30 or more club rides (Peter, Bob, Mike, Kevin, John F, Franco and Graham)

A big thank you to all who led club rides throughout the last 12 months and to John F for organising everything. And I think a special mention should go to Bob, Mike and Danny for leading the Slow Rides which have been a huge success.

Name Score
Peter Walton 81
Bob Brown 78
Kevin Paget 75
Mike East 74
John Farnham 67
Franco Fiorentini 66
Graham Knight 60
Danny Mason 57
Alex Powell, Barry Page, Valdis Belinis 56
Chris Wells, Jane Pike, Steve McCollum 52
John Highet 49
Bruno Cartright, Cathy Parker 44
Ian Smith 38
Karl Willis 34
Jasper Mason 32
Ian Penson 30
Richard Henderson, Will Dakin 26
Brian Hill 24
Mark Stone 22
Karen Baker 21
Brian Evans, David Adams, Jason Thorpe 20
John Pearson, Martin Nash 18
Angela Dobson, Tim Dobson 17
Danny Hood, Miles Lakin, Paul Dilley, Simon Costello, Tony Marriott 16
Nikki King 14
Amanda Swain 12
Nick Cramer 11
Charlie Binns, Dave Hall, Helen Martin, Khan Busby, Mark Tappenden, Paul Wrettom, Sarah Wren 10
Terry Nicholls 9
Daniel Horn, John Ritsema, Lorne, Mike Jewiss, Rikki Heath 8
Dave Scales, David Harman, Eve Vigus, Graeme Hill, James Hardcastle, Paul Fennell, Richard Clark, Steve Whipp 6
Amanda Quinn, Bob Bick, Dean Martindale, James Jewiss, John Clark, Josh Tongue, Mike the Magician, Nick Scarr, Terry Hersant, Will Page 4
Ashley, Becky Drinkwater, Cliff Rooke, Clive Wellings, Colin Steele, Dave McNamarra, Dave Pomeroy, David Kay, Gavin Johnson, Ian Taylor, James South, Jenny, Joe Rider, Keita, Kyle Evans, Lee, Maria Page, Mark Rider, Phil, Rebecca Terry, Renato D, Sarah Buchanan, Sonia Knight 2

28th October

Fast: none

Medium:  Alex, Steve, John F, Valdis and Karl

Slow:  Danny M, Dan H, Jane, Amanda S, Franco, Mike, Chris, Bob, Paul W and three others

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Wednesday Rides

Congratulations to Kevin who has won the summer league.  Close second was Mark T who was only one point behind.
Name Score
Kevin Paget 16
Mark Tappenden 15
Danny Mason, John Highet, Peter Walton 11
Karen Baker, Karl Willis, Terry Nicholls 10
Barry Page, Richard Henderson 8
John Farnham, Steve McCollum 7
Brian Evans, David Hammond, Martin Nash, Mick Jewis 6
Mark Stone, Valdis Belinis 5
Franco Fiorentini, Maria Page, Mike East 4
George Rockliffe, Graham Knight, Nikki King, Peter Stevens, Rob (Dan's Mate), Tony Marriott 3
Brian Hill, Dean Martindale, Eibhlin Leahy, Graeme Hill, James Jewis, Lee 2
Bob Brown, Daniel Horn, Dave McNamarra, Evan, Helen Martin, Jason Thorpe, John Clark, Nick Curtis, Will Page 1