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  • 28 Jul 21

    10TT Round 9 Wed 28th July, F20/10 (A10 Southbound)

    Two Wheelers and three private entries. A windy but dry night.

    1. Yiannis  Gopoulos 23 27
    2. Claire Gopoulos 26.32

    Private entries:

    Alastair Luxford 20.01
    Henry Farrell 20.22
    Sam Brown 21.29

    Thanks to Sam for signs and Bob for timing - and happy birthday to Yannis!

  • Wheelers' Club 10 28th July, F20/10

  • Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

  • Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

    We all knew today was going to be a hot one, hitting a heady 30°C that was predicted. So I decided to meet Hanif at his house and he said “let’s go round the lanes”! 16 miles later and lots of hills, we arrived late! 

    Everybody was waiting tapping their feet. Sorry I was late all. 

  • 14 Jul 21

    Cancelled as we were unable to place safety signs.

  • Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

  • First rider off at 19:31. Entry is online only!

  • Old Skool TT this Sunday

    This is a 10 mile TT but without aerodynamic aids - so no pointy helmets, tri-bars, deep section wheels etc. Some riders go the whole hog and turn up on vintage bikes. Others go further by actually ageing themselves. It's a relaxed event but there is a club trophy to be won!

  • Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

  • 30 Jun 21

    Cool for the last day of June but dry. Yiannis maintained his dominance. Another strong ride from Graeme.

  • Next club TT is on Wednesday 7th June

    This event is on the F10/10 (A10 North) course. First rider off at 19:31.

  • Category 3 ride led by Graham Knight

    The occasional appearance of summer in recent days had inspired a wish to visit the sunny uplands of Dunstable downs and enjoy the glorious views across the Bedfordshire plane. Sadly, perhaps predictably, the weather did not cooperate and wall to wall cloud was the order of the day. The Chilterns Gateway Centre went one better by actually being in the cloud so that visibility was restricted to about 20 m.

  • Category 3 ride led by Graham Knight

    On Wednesday the forecast was for thunder showers, on Friday it was for constant rain, on Saturday it was for cloud but dry. With this improving trend could we hope for bright sunshine on Sunday? No - but it was dry throughout, so the pessimists who had disinterred their winter bikes and water-proofs were confounded. 

  • 16 Jun 21

    Yiannis returns to the top on a warm, humid night on the A414.

  • Category 2 ride led by Chris Boulton

    Great ride today on a tweaked version of the HW Centenary Ride.

    It was an earlier start than usual in an effort to beat the heat that was forecast – the Garmin recorded temperatures from 15c to 45c.
    The ride was steady, with a drink stop at Saffron Walden, a lunch stop at Finchingfield and a pub stop at Stanstead Abbotts.
    Apart from a rubbing disc and two punctures there were no other mechanical issues.


    Centenary ride involving other categories

  • Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

  • 02 Jun 21

    Sadly, three Wheelers had to withdraw at the last moment but the three that remained provided some close competition. Well done Hanif Jetha who nudged Claire out of first place on his first Wheelers' TT (and his first anywhere for many years). Commiserations to two riders - Yiannis Gopoulos and Sam Brown - who both suffered punctures and had to retire.

  • Next Wheelers 10 mile TT

    Next Wednesday 2nd June, 19:30 on the F20/10 (A10 South).

  • Category 2 ride led by Chris Boulton

    Great ride today to a new café for the Cat 2s. El Cafecito, was not planned, but it had plenty of space, was bike friendly and is 5 minutes from Shepreth.

    Category 3 ride led by Paul Henderson

    A loss of three, a gain of one and a crash. Not my recent investment record, but the number of Wheelers on the category 3 ride to The Hay Barn on Sunday.

  • Category 6 ride led by Kate D’Arcy