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  • Head for Change

    Jonny Spowart bill be attempting a 24hr Zwift ride on 6th and 7th March. 12 hours each day. 8am-8pm. This is in aid of the charity Head for Change which aims to provide a "safe space for our sporting heroes, past, present and future. Head for Change is a new charity, pioneering positive change for brain health in sport and supporting ex-players who are affected by neurodegenerative disease as a result of their career playing football or rugby".

  • 18 Oct 20

    It wasn't a bright, sunny autumn morning, - more still, chilly gloom. Never mind, it wasn't wet and there was no head-wind, so I'm sure everyone enjoyed their brisk sprint up the hill. At any rate, several seemed to be panting with enjoyment as they reached the end.

  • Category 3 led by Graham Knight

    What a difference a week makes! No more sunshine in our lives but plenty of wind, especially true for the first 10 miles as we headed north to Clavering in the teeth of the gale. Despite being Wheelers we did manage at times to make a passible impression of a pace line; needs must when the devil drives. Thankfully the route to Bardfield then took us east which improved our rather glacial pace somewhat though a steady and un-advertised drizzle dampened enthusiasm a little.

  • Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

    Well we all woke excited for the first Tour de Hertswheelers, six thoroughbred riders ready and raring to go. No, wait, Kate decides to turn up at 9:02am! There’s always one eh, normally Mr Eldon, but this time he was early! I know, shock horror! No one was out on the lash last night, probably because Marcia couldn’t make it!

  • Post TT ride led by Graham Knight

    A group of 8 set off from Cole Green variously stimulated or exhausted by their TT exertions. A fairly direct route was taken to Mill End Plants at Rushden but we were shedding riders along the way so that only three made it to the tea and cakes. Mill End were busy so we had plenty of time to enjoy the late summer sunshine before heading home via Sandon and Buntingford.

    Category 6 ride led by Graham Rogers

    In lovely sunshine five happy Wheelers set off for Whitwell at a nice steady  pace.

  • A lovely morning with sunshine and apparently light winds, which maybe didn't seem so light to those actually racing.

    Well done everyone but especially Alex with an excellent time which required extremely rapid leg spinning.

    Thanks to Lee for the signs and Graham for the times.

  • Category 3 led by Graham Knight

  • Category 6 ride led by Daniel Horn (Report by Tony Dos Santos)

  • Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

    This ride was pretty uneventful, with no punctures nor mechanicals, a god send compared to the week before when we had so many issues. It was like the opposite of Christmas had all rolled into one. Good banter as usual. The cafe provided good service as ever, with Dan having a full English AGAIN! His punishment for taking so long was to plan a ride for the next week. Shenley, over and out!

  • Category 6 ride led by Daniel Horn (Report by Tony Dos Santos)

  • Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

  • Category 6 ride led by by Peter Eldon

    Somehow I find myself nominated as today’s ride leader, something I have never been before. But seriously, how hard can it be?

    I have long observed club greats like Danny H, Tony DS, Mike E and Capt Bob, and it seems that all you do is rock up, count the riders, and set off for somewhere that sells cake. And it’s ok to lose a couple en route apparently?

    So I count - we are 5 - and chart a course to Mill End Plants via Datchworth and Walkern.

  • 29 Jul 20

    A warm night but with a strongish breeze on the second half.

  • Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

  • 26 Jul 20
    Great to see everyone out and well done all riders. Some bringing out some truly classic looking bikes. Although there was a headwind along the A414 it wasn’t until after the foot bridge that is was really felt.
  • Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

  • 15 Jul 20

    Wheelers' club 10s make their return!

  • Category 6 ride led by Mike East

    The prime number of seven starters reduced to six before departure due to a split tyre. A strong tailwind made for accelerated progress outwards via Datchworth, Aston and Luffenhall. Mill End Tea Rooms as excellent as ever, and no panic buying, not even on the Bakewell tart.

    More challenging riding from the headwind on the return via Walkern, Bennington, Watton and Stonyhills. 

    No riders lost this week, nor any punctures. Personal protection zones respected throughout. Great company over 31 miles.


  • Category 5 ride led by John Farnham

  • Category 2 ride led by Nathan Brede

    Just two riders took on the Essex route, which was fun in the winds -  61.5 miles covered at an average speed of 17.1 mph together with climbing of 2408 feet.
    Overall, a good testing ride with plenty of strong headwinds & think we both enjoyed it.  
    The roads had plenty of standing water but there were no punctures, making it a great ride.