Club run reports - 17th July

Club run reports - 17th July

17 Jul 22

Category 4 ride led by Lisa Ridoutt

As we gathered for an earlier than usual start in Hertford, news reached us that our 'Captain of Cat 4', Peter Bloomfield, had just completed a very impressive 111 mile ride through the night, the Dunwich Dynamo. With this in mind no one dared mention our 8.30 start  - well, maybe Denis commented on the fact that he'd set his alarm for 6.30.

Five of us headed off for a new cafe to Cat 4, Pixie’s in Baldock. The lead rider had a problem with her Garmin which was soon rectified by Elio. Once working it then became more of a ‘user error’ as she missed two turns ; she needs to invest in prescription sunglasses, remember she is actually leading the ride and stop chatting. 

Apart from the odd missed turn the ride out went smoothly until the lead rider then become a bit more bothered by following Ian down a pot hole and launching her water bottle in to the path of Alex and Denis. Wheeler of the Week was decided there and then, as Denis appeared round the corner clutching the missing essential item.

Pixie’s was well worth visiting with all food requirements catered for, great service and good quality food.

It was an extremely hot and sticky ride back but we made good time and treated ourselves (well, Denis treated us) to ice creams and lollies from the van on Hartham Common.

Despite the heat it was a very enjoyable 50 mile round trip. Thanks Elio, Ian, Denis and Alex for joining me.


Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

Weather warning sirens were wailing in the background. Flood gates had not been raised. This was going to be a hot day. I brought the ride time forward an hour to 8.30 to avoid the midday heat. One of our newest members, Liz, turned up on her first ever road bike. 
Steve Gershon arrived with his winter jacket on. We we all advised this was not appropriate and got him to take it off. Job done, we were all raring to go. Just as we were about to ride off Ian (I love my bed) Bailey comes riding round the corner at 8.29! 
So nine set off, meeting two at Cold Christmas Lane, at break neck speed. We get to Cold Christmas Lane, and Carolyn and Pete were there, but not under the sign as requested AGAIN. Pffft, lol. Now we were the trusty eleven! 
Nothing really eventful happened on the way to the cafe, great banter and the sun beaming down. 
We got to Cammas Hall in good time and the food arrived swiftly and the decision was made to eat in the tent as the sun was vicious! All fed and watered, we rode off. 
As we were riding along, someone mentioned ice cream. Ice cream, I hear you say! I couldn’t resist agreeing and being the font of all knowledge and knowing the answer to life universe and everything (obviously 42) took us to my favourite ice cream shop in Sawbridgeworth. They only had the big wafer cone things (technical term) so I had to have one. Loverly. Everyone agreed this was a good stop! 
We set off again from Sawbridgeworth over the double roundabouts and up West Road. What I didn’t realise is that poor old Amanda’s chain had come off. We turned right into Beanfield Road, until about  half a mile up the road, I realised that Amanda was missing. I pulled my phone out - she had texted me. I phoned her and she had turned left. Pete Kelleway had already started to make his way back down into Sawbridgeworth to find her. She eventually came back, but we then waited about ten minutes for Pete. Apologies to both of you. I’ll try and not make that mistake again. 
With the group all back together, we stormed our way back to Allenbury’s by one-ish (could have been later), on what had been a thoroughly enjoyable ride. Logically bringing the start time one hour earlier gave us time for an ice cream. 
Rider of the week has to go to Pete Kelleway, for going back miles to find Amanda. Thank you. 
Over and out from me and, obviously, this was written on the throne. Love and kisses.