Club run reports - 24th July

Club run reports - 24th July

26 Jul 22

Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

Once again, the weather forecast confirmed it was going to hit 30°C, so we all agreed to an 8.30 start. Even Ian Bailey (kind of) agreed, I know, shock horror. Today we worked out how to chain gang, more to follow on this….. We also had one of the seven dwarfs with us…
Eleven turned up. Nice to see Lisa coming out with the 6’s - always welcome. 

We rode off at 8:30ish, from Hertford. Most of us knew the route, however, not a lot had it on their Garmins. We got to Brickenden Lane and rode up - no issues there. Despite me being a little tired, I rode back to speak to Liz. We had a chat and she shot off, like it was the Olympics! There’s me, Billy No Mates, and at the top everyone was waiting. Half a mile down the road and Amanda’s chain came off, but fixed quickly, we rode off. Then we made our way through the old A1 and up the hill into Shenley, where Liz’s chain came off. There’s a pattern going on here, isn’t there? I said to Liz, spin it once, just to make sure it’s on. Being  a true cat 6er, she just pushed on the pedal and the chain came off. Made me laugh. Chain on and up the hill we went. 

We got to the cafe at about 10.15, and it was packed. We ordered our food, although just before a lady pushed in and put in a £105 order.  Our hearts sank as we thought we were going to wait ages. True to form, the cafe came out with all the food in about ten minutes. Amazing...

We had a quick photo shoot with the ladies. They’re all such posers! Lol. After setting off we get to Brookmans Park, look behind and Amanda R is missing. We wait and wait and then she comes along. She became one of the seven dwarfs and had a sneezing fit. Amanda shall now be named “Sneezy”. Another chain off from Liz, and Pete looked over the bike. It needs a service apparently! 

We reached the top of Brickenden Lane and the gauntlet is thrown down to Ridoutt, winner takes all, a race down to the end. Lisa, being Lisa, accepted the challenge. It was like riding on the bleeding keirin, until one of us, took the initiative and, boom, we were off. Racing as hard as we can, I took the lead, then about three quarters of a mile from the bottom, Lisa whooshes past me. Working my little legs off, I try and try, then the “Pegg God” shows up and drafts me, I get closer and closer to Lisa and then I sail past her. We now can see the end, both pushing like mad and Dos Santos was victorious. Lisa was gutted. 
We got to Horns Mill Road, shattered. 

The others turn up about twenty minutes later, as we were so fast. Lol.
The next incident involved David Smith: “Someone hold me, I can’t clip out.” Pete the Dish holds him with the help of Lisa. I jump off my bike and finally free David from his locked pedal. All sorted. 
Uneventful ride back over the last mile to the finish. 

A lovely ride in the heat. Obviously we now have a chain gang of Amanda R and Busy Lizzie! 
Now I did say “Star of the Week” goes to Pete the Dish; but for the life of me, I can’t remember why. 
Have I missed anything? I don’t think so, all good fun as usual and not a single puncture. 
Love and kisses and obviously written from the throne. Xxx.