Club run reports - 31st July

Club run reports - 31st July

01 Aug 22

Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

A 9 o’clock start to Thremhall Park. We will be back nice and early, we all cry. Seven turn up. Rich “Kev” Hann turns up after his altercations with a tin can. It must have been baked beans, which left him MIA for months. Glad your back, Kev. Then Kate turns up after breaking her ankle a few weeks ago!  We set off at 9 on the dot (I checked with TIM (speaking clock)). 

As we rode up High Oak Road, Andy Lewis, who was coming the opposite way, turned round and joined us. Nice to see you too Andy, it’s been a couple of months. 

As Kev was on the ride, the banter went straight into the gutter! Love it :-). We were about two miles from the cafe and Kev wanted to turn into Hatfield Forest, and couldn’t understand why not. Never mind eh! You keep on going, sunshine! 

We got to Thremhall at 20.30. Fed and watered, who should turn up, but the night clubber, Rebecca. Graham, was perplexed when we told him that Rebecca had been on the ride all along. Said it must be his age! We put him out of his misery!  So we were now nine. 

I ordered the bacon, brie and cranberry.  A lot of banter followed and Jerusalem was mentioned, that’s all I can say - Roflmao. Leigh Pegg, you’re a legend. Leigh and Andy, being the copycats they are, ordered the same. The food came quickly and they both agreed it was amazing. 

We rode off agreeing it had been a prompt turnaround, although before we departed, Davina, advised us she would need to visit the ladies room. Obviously, she needed to powder her nose! 

Then the inevitable happened, as Leigh got his own back on me (only took him 4 years). As I was riding along he snuck up behind me, I was digging deep and he screamed at me. My bike wobbled, but being the true gent I am, I screamed you **** at him. Leigh is officially a bar steward in my eyes. 

We got to St. Margarets and we all said our goodbyes. There was crying and adulation and then the ticker tape came down. Oh that was because today it finally “came  home”. No more years of hurt, no more dreaming. The England ladies brought the Euros home to us. Amazing. 

Over and out. Written, obviously on the throne. Love and kisses xxx