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  • Started from The 'Uts at 08:00 in thick fog and made our way in an easterly direction to Greenstead Green.  This was not without its thrills & spills, the latter being a particularly good reminder of how hard the roads are when you hit them!  To add insult to injury I punctured about three miles later on supposedly puncture-proof tyres.  However this did give me an extra bit of time to sort the blood from the bruises and whatever other damage I'd done to myself and the bike.  Idiot! 

  • Graham K reports on this long-standing event based in Stevenage.

  • Alex P reports on this 72 mile (not counting swerving around potholes and deformations), 5000 ft ascent (not counting climbing out of potholes) event.

  • Alex P reports on a pleasant ride that was not without incident ...

  • John Mac and Alex rode this out of Cranleigh Surrey

  • John Mac and Alex Powell rode this out of Southwell Nottingham

  • This was a lovely ride with light winds, dry roads and hints of spring sunshine as the day progressed.
    Graham and Peter rode out to Victoria CC's Ugley hut, which meant an early rise to make the 9:00 am start time. On arrival they found the usual cozy, glitz-free welcome with free coffee, tea and biscuits. By lunch-time, and at the end, the atmosphere remained but the food offerings now included home-made soup, rolls and an irresistable selection of cake. Excellent value and all within the £10 entry fee.

  • Met up with Alex (& briefly MarkT) for a 07:30 start from Dunmow.  With a reasonable tailwind, we headed north via Lavenham to the Snetterton race circuit at an average of 16.5mph.  It was a bit slower on the return (13.5mph) especially as it got windier (& lumpier) but we were pleased with an overall average of 15mph considering that we weren't racing.  Got back (via Newmarket) at 16:40.  It was a fine day, not too cold nor too warm, with the first 100kms being relatively flat.  A good audax to start spring with.  PW.

  • After many days of freezy weather we were promised a day of relative mildness.  It was quite windy on both the SW & N bound sections, and the hills in the Chilterns didn't help much either.  After getting to Chalfont St Peter via Radlett, Bushey, Oxhey & Harefield I turned north to Amersham, Chesham & Woburn.  Large black clouds then formed and chased me E to the Guildens where they caught & drowned me.  The last 25 miles weren't much fun.  PW.

  • Can't be bothered to explain the name of this Audax other than to say there were four pubs with the name "Compass" that were used as info controls.  Not feeling up to it I didn't ECE this one, and I believe I made the right choice.  My poor choice, however, was in not liaising properly with John & Alex so we missed each other at the start as I opted to commence at 09:30 instead 0f 10:00.  Due to my lack of good health I decided that I would probably suffer quite badly somewhere en route, and that I wanted to be alone when it happened and not slow others down.  And lo & behold, my su

  • Set off down the old A120 from Thremhall Park at 07:40 expecting ice and a headwind - and got neither.  Got through Braintree and then dropped down to Kelvedon for the start of the calendar event at 09:30.  Again this went fairly smoothly although the cold easterly wind did start to get up a bit.  Got back to and then set off from Kelvedon at 15:15 for the return via the lanes.  Got to Leaden Roding at about 17:00 by which time it was getting a bit more than just cold.  The last 90 mins back to Thremhall did have its freezy moments but overall it was a good day out.  The Oyster audax was ma

  • This ECEing lark works quite well for me - don't have to get up so early to drive all the way to the start.  This time it was just a short car journey to Sawbridgeworth and at 07:30 I set off from there to do the fortytwo kms to Witham.  Arrived at 09:30.  Soon was en route to Stansted Airport via a jumble sale at Leaden Roding.  The return into the wind was a bit of a drag (150kms) and then I retraced the route back to Stansted (204kms).  Then the last 10kms to Sawbo.  By then it had gone very cold so was pleased that the car was there.  Was fuelled by the thought by finishing the ride I w

  • Been doing a bit of weather watching of late and saw that Wednesday would be mainly fine but that it would deteriorate towards a colder spell by the end of the week.  I needed to get in a second 200 this month leaving me with just December to go.  So off I toddled to Lavenham (85kms).  This part was quick and the conditions were all to my advantage.  Neither hot nor wet, with a following breeze my average was 16mph.  This changed as I turned south for Little Waltham via Sudbury.  Now it was more of a contest.  In the sheltered parts it wasn't too bad, just the open areas that caused most gr

  • An Extended Calendar Event is a mechanism whereby it's possible to enter a Calendar Event, in this case the Essex 3 R's, but by riding to\from the Arrivee it can be counted as a longer ride, and I needed another 200 to complete the RRTY set.  So I left home as 06:10 and nipped into Hertford to get a timed till receipt.  Then it was off to Witham.  By 07:00 it was fairly light, but cold.  I had a 70km trip to make but soon realised that I wouldn't have to fight a headwind and was therefore able to relax in the knowledge that I would get there in time.  Arrived at Witham at 09:35 for a 10:00

  • The day started off with a fairly dense fog, and never improved.  Got to Fairlands and found out that my start-time was 10.25.  With nearly 240 riders taking part, smaller groups started at 5 minute intervals from 10.00 until it was our turn.  The first part to Hare St is usually quick and then the pace usually drops.  Not this time.  It got quicker.  Nathan & Tony, who are normally fast riders, were surprised to find me with them.  Got to Saffron Walden in double-quick time and then set out on the hilly return to Therfield Village Hall for tea & cakes.  At this point we were averag

  • This time it was 214kms from Girton, through Bury St Edmunds to Framlinham (101kms) and then a return via the Maglia Rosso, Hawstead (151kms) to Girton.  Expecting a difficult outward bound journey, I was surprised to find myself careering along for the first half of it at a quickish pace.  However the wind-assisted first half of the return was very quick.  The remainder wasn't quite so fast yet I still went through the 200km mark in just over 8 and a half hours of riding time.  A reasonably fine day with the obligatory half hour of rain.  I targeted a return before dark, got it, so treated

  • 211 kms from Dunmow to Grantchester to Hawstead to Mistley to Dunmow.  My target was to get beyond the Hawstead control before the rain came.  If I had still been at the cafe when the real weather hit us I would probably have stayed there.  I managed to clear the control but within 10 mins I was in torrential, freezing rain\hail with added thunder and lightning for company.  Roads soon became rivers.  And of course at that point there was no shelter.  It can be quite surprising how much hail can hurt when you are follicly challenged in the upstairs department!  This all lasted for about twe

  • Due to injury & stupidity I'd run out of September calendar events, so I had to do another DIY effort.  I needed this in order to maintain my charge towards a double RRTY this year.  So from Hertford I took a wind-assisted trip north to Godmanchester where I turned eastwards towards St Ives and the cycle\busway that eventually arrives at Milton, Cambridge.  This bit was a bit more arduous due to the buffeting from the crosswind.  From Cambridge I then headed towards Braintree and thence back to Hertford.  Overall the weather was good - it didn't rain and the wind was only a problem in t

  • 06:00 start from Dunmow with 40 hours to complete.  What could go wrong?  Well, not a lot actually.

  • A fast 200.  With the westerly wind behind us Alex & I made fast progress which did not slow down too significantly when we turned westwards.  A good tour which saw us visit Holt & Wells before heading towards Sandringham via Holkham Hall, and thence a return to Swaffham.  Good weather, flat course and not too much interference from the wind.  Got back well inside 10 hours.  PW.